Assignments 2019-08-17

  1. IPIAAM’s main assignments, according to article nº 2 of Decree-Law 62/2018, 12 of December;
  2. To perform the duties of authority responsible for civil aviation security investigations provided for in Article 26 of the Chicago Convention;
  3. Carry out technical investigation activities relating to marine casualties and incidents, with a view to investigating their causes, in accordance with the provisions of the IMO Casualty Investigation Code and other applicable laws;
  4. Investigate marine casualties and incidents and civil aircraft incidents in order to determine their causes, prepare and disseminate the corresponding reports and make recommendations to avoid their recurrence;
  5. Ensure participation in national or foreign commissions or activities;
  6. Promote studies and propose preventive measures aimed at reducing the occurrence of aeronautical and maritime accidents and incidents;
  7. Promote training, capacity building and awareness raising in the area of aviation and maritime accident prevention and investigation, in partnership with industry stakeholders, associations of aviation and maritime professionals and other institutions;
  8. Prepare technical reports on civil aircraft safety accidents and incidents in accordance with Article 26 of the Chicago Convention and promote their dissemination;
  9. Prepare technical reports on maritime accidents and incidents and promote their dissemination, including their conclusions and any recommendations within twelve (12) months after the date of the accident;
  10. Participate in the activities of international organizations in the field of research and prevention of aeronautical and maritime accidents;
  11. Make proposals to bring legislation in line with national and international needs and commitments, in matters respective to IPIAAM assignments;
  12. Establish regulations, policies and procedures to be followed in conducting investigations;
  13. Organize and disseminate information concerning investigation and prevention of accidents and incidents in civil aviation and maritime transport;
  14. Monitor compliance and practical application of the recommendations issued;
  15. Cooperate with the relevant safety management bodies of different infrastructures, operators, air traffic services and national professional associations in preventive matters insofar as this does not compromise the independence of their research activity;
  16. Collaborate with counterparts in other countries in the investigation and prevention of aeronautical and maritime accidents and incidents;
  17. Prepare, organize and disseminate aviation and maritime accident statistics;
  18. Develop scientific expertise in the investigation of aeronautical and maritime accidents.


International Maritime Organization
Instituto Marítimo Portuário
Guarda Costeira Cabo Verde
Agência de Aviação Civil