BAGAIA: Cooperation in the prevention and investigation of accidents and incidents 2020-09-07

On September 4, the IPIAAM Board of Directors, represented by Chairman Eng.º Mário Margarito Gomes and Executive Director, Eng.º Jorge Manuel Rodrigues, led the delegation of presentation by Banjul Accord Group Accident Investigation Agency (BAGAIA) Commissioner Eng.º Charles Irikefe Erhueh, to the Minister of Tourism and Transport, Dr. Carlos Santos.

During the meeting, which held at the Conference Hall of the Ministry of Tourism and Transport, the needs for training and technical qualification, financing and attract other nations to be part of this regional accident investigation agency, were the main themes that were on the table.

According to Eng.º Erhueh, the role of BAGAIA on strengthening and collaboration between Member States in respect to investigation of accidents and serious incidents, should not be overemphasized and it is essential that the agency has the capacity to boost its potentials by integrating other countries in the region and the entire African continent.

In this context, the BAGAIA Commissioner highlighted the relevance of on-the-job training and discussed the possibility for BAGAIA members to send their investigators for such trainings.

In addition, he mentioned an investigation into a helicopter accident currently ongoing in Nigeria, in which the members of BAGAIA can be part of the investigation team, as observers, and thus enhance their capability in accident Investigations.

In turn, Minister of Tourism and Transport of Cabo Verde, agreed that on-the-job training methodology and said that it is essential to synergize with institutions such as the Institute for the Prevention and Investigation of Aeronautical and Marine Accidents (IPIAAM) and the Civil Aviation Authority (AAC) with BAGAIA to move the Aviation industry forward in the country.




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