Biography of the Chairman of the Board of Directors 2021-10-27

Name: Eng.º Mário Margarito Gomes

Role: Chaiman of the Board of Directors



PhD student in Global Studies – Universidade Aberta – Portugal

Degree in Electromechanical Engineering – Beira Interior University - Portugal

Postgraduate in aviation law - Law Faculty of Lisbon, Portugal

Postgraduate in Electronic Engineering and Telecommunications – Aveiro University, Portugal

Qualification in several areas of civil aviation, particularly in airports certification, airport master planning, accident investigation, search and rescue, obstacle control, risk and crisis management, maintenance of air navigation systems, lectured by the most prestigious international institutions such as the FAA of the United States, ICAO - International Civil Aviation Organization, IATA - International Air Transportation Association, KAC in South Korea.

Relevant training:

  • Aircraft Accident Investigation Course, ICAO;
  • Security Risk and Crisis Management, IATA;
  • Search and rescue, Cabo Verde Civil Aviation Authority, ICAO;
  • ILS Maintenance Course, Conducted by the Korea Airports Corporation;
  • Obstruction Evaluation and Airport Airspace Analysis, Conducted by FAA, United States of America;
  • Inspector Training System - Flight Standards, Conducted by FAA, United States of America;
  • Resolution of Safety concerns, Conducted by FAA, United States of America;
  • Safety Management System (SMS) theory and application, Conducted by FAA, United States of America;
  • Introduction to quality control of geographic information, University of Jaén, Spain;
  • GPS/GNSS, UC-CP, Cabo Verde;
  • Integrated Management System Training (IMST), Conducted by Aviation Quality Services;
  • Quality Management system (ISO 9001:2008), Conducted by INMG, Cabo Verde;
  • Airfield Ground Lighting Maintenance, Conducted by ADB training Center, Belgium;
  • Airport Master Planning, Conducted by Airports Council International, Turkey;
  • Basic Aviation English, Conducted by ANAC, Brazil;
  • Processes management, Conducted by ANAC, Brazil;
  • ICAO Aerodrome Inspectors Course held in Accra, Ghana;
  • Comprehensive Inspector Training and Recording System (ITS/ITRAQS), conducted by BAGASOO, Cabo Verde;
  • Procedure Design Course: Approach with vertical guidance (PA and APV), Conducted by ENAC, France;
  • RNAV/PBN Non Precision Approach and Departures, Conducted by ENAC, France;
  • General Criteria and Non Precision Approach Conducted by ENAC, France;
  • Workshop on the ICAO Universal Safety Audit Programme Continuous Monitoring Approach (USOAP CMA) and the Online Framework (OLF);
  • Dangerous Goods Regulations cat.6 – INITIAL, Conducted by Portway/IATA, Portugal;
  • ECCAIRS 5, Conducted by ANAC, Portugal;
  • On-the-job Instructor, accredited by Cabo Verde Civil Aviation Authority (AAC).

Professional career:

  • Head of production service of electricity generators - ELECTRA – Electricity and water production company (2005 – 2011);
  • Aerodrome Inspector in Cabo Verde Civil Aviation Authority (2011 – 2018);
  • Chairman of Cabo Verde Aviation Accident Investigation and Prevention;
  • Commission – CPIAA (2018 – 2019);
  • Member of BAGAIA Commission (2018);
  • Chaiman of the Board of Directors of Cabo Verde Institute for the Prevention and Investigation of Aeronautical and Maritime Accidents (2019 to present).


International Maritime Organization
Instituto Marítimo Portuário
Guarda Costeira Cabo Verde
Agência de Aviação Civil