EASA visit 2022-04-20

Following Aviation Safety Week, Dr. Mario Colavita, Safety Investigation Section Manager of the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), visited the IPIAAM and BAGAIA facilities in Praia, where he was received by the IPIAAM Board of Directors, represented by the President and the Executive aeronautical safety, Eng.º Mário Margarito Gomes and Eng.º Jorge Rodrigues, respectively, and by the BAGAIA Commissioner, Eng.º Charles Erhueh, where they had the opportunity to address several issues, including the balance of the aforementioned event, in which the European institution had the opportunity to participate.

In this, which was his first visit to Cabo Verde, the EASA representative highlighted the vision of the organizers by integrating in a single event, the Workshop on operational safety and the 7th Meeting of the BAGAIA Commission, as well as the happy combination of the topics covered in the various panels, which ensured the participation and attention of the institutions present.

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International Maritime Organization
Instituto Marítimo Portuário
Guarda Costeira Cabo Verde
Agência de Aviação Civil