Course on Marine Accident Investigation 2021-04-24

The Institute for the Prevention and Investigation of Aeronautical and Maritime Accidents (IPIAAM) promotes, with the support of the World Bank, what will be the first training course in the area of prevention and investigation of maritime accidents to be held in Cabo Verde, from April 26 to May 6, in Mindelo, São Vicente and which will be taught by the International Maritime Safety Security and Environment Academy - IMSSEA, based in Italy, specializing in advanced level training, under a bilateral agreement with International Maritime Organization - IMO.

As IPIAAM, the national authority responsible for the prevention and investigation of aeronautical and maritime accidents, one of its main duties is to promote training, capacity building and awareness-raising activities for the main players in the civil aviation and merchant marine sector.

This training, in accordance with IMO Modular Course 3.11, is aimed at managers and operational technicians with direct or indirect intervention in operational safety in the maritime sector and aims to provide participants with knowledge and insight on the procedures required for the investigation maritime accidents and follow-up actions, as well as providing techniques of collecting, analyzing and reporting.

The course also includes a strong practical component, with case studies and real examples of how to organize and conduct investigations of maritime accidents and incidents in accordance with internationally accepted standards and practices.

Thus, the accomplishment of the referred training is configured as one of the actions that should contribute to the awareness and familiarization of the national technicians and professionals, regarding the activities that they develop, which, combined with the application of collective and individual security measures, constitute measures fundamental to guarantee the prevention of accidents and, therefore, enable the consolidation of operational safety.

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