Human Factors Training 2023-12-04

The Institute for Prevention and Investigation of Aeronautical and Maritime Accidents (IPIAAM), carries out, in Mindelo, between the 4th and 8th of December, the first “Training on Human Factors”, aimed at Maritime Accident Investigators and national institutions in the sector.

Is worth noting that this training action is the result of a partnership between IPIAAM, together with the Autonomous Fund for the Development of Inter-Island Maritime Transport – FADSTM, and will be taught by Dr. Paul Fairbrother, Director of Maritime Training at CAE Inc. (Canadian Aviation Electronics Inc.), where topics will be covered, namely, people management and mitigation of operational risks.

The objective is to train the main players in the maritime sector regarding cross-cutting issues regarding Operational Maritime Safety, aiming to gain knowledge of all factors associated with accidents and incidents, and consequent awareness of the aspects inherent to preventing occurrences.

With the achievement of the proposed objectives, the aim is to raise risk awareness among participants and strengthen inter-institutional relations, within the scope of preventing possible occurrences of a maritime nature.


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