IPIAAM receives internationally renowned trainers in Cape Verde 2021-05-31

April and May were months of great importance for IPIAAM, with the organization of two training courses for the prevention and investigation of maritime and aeronautical accidents, respectively.

Both courses were taught by internationally renowned trainers, namely Vlado Francic and Ali Haidar, representatives of the International Maritime Safety Security and Environment Academy - IMSSEA, and Eng. Dennis Jones, retired senior researcher, Former Director and senior executive of National Transportation Safety Board - NTSB of the United States, which sought to provide participants with necessary and qualified information for the ongoing work of investigating and preventing maritime and aeronautical accidents.

Both formations had the participation of several professionals, from managers to operational technicians with direct or indirect intervention in the operational safety of the sectors. All participants showed interest in the topics, proactivity and beyond the experience, certainly the trainees came out richer in knowledge, since the applicable legislation and regulations, the operational procedures and safety protocols to be taken into account, as well as, the combination of numerous factors which may be the basis for accidents.

For Vlado Francic, trainer representing IMSSEA who taught the theoretical part on training in marine accident investigation, in Mindelo, improving maritime safety is possible through the continuous and intensive work of all parties involved, and in particular, through the training of specialized personnel.

 "For me this course was an excellent opportunity to learn about Cape Verde shipping industry but also it was a place where experts in different field of shipping industry were exchanging ideas, thoughts and information” added the trainer.

The unique participation of Eng. Dennis Jones, who besides his role in the NTSB, also accumulates several appearances as a consultant in the program “Mayday - Air Disasters”, transmitted by the channel “National Geografic”, allowed him to share his rich experience and thus, providing participants with the tools and knowledge necessary to perform their activities more efficiently, thus contributing to the increase of operational safety in civil aviation.

These and other training courses promoted by IPIAAM include an important practical component, with analysis of real cases, which seek to contribute to the awareness and familiarization of national technicians and professionals, of how to conduct and / or participate in accident investigations and, mainly, the impact that collective and individual safety measures are used to prevent accidents and, therefore, to consolidate operational safety.

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