The role of safety recommendations 2021-11-23

Safety recommendations are the most important element in the work carried out by IPIAAM. 'Safety recommendations' are understood to be proposals prepared by an accident investigation authority, based on the information collected and whose intention is the prevention and improvement of the sector.

Safety recommendations are the result of a complex interaction of many factors, which are subjected to an in-depth analysis during the investigation process, with a view to discovering the causes that led to the accident.

Thus, safety recommendations do not seek to assign blame or identify the intention of the parties involved in the accident or incident. Basically, they are just that, recommendations, as there is no obligation to follow them or implement them.

However, until reaching them, there are several steps to take into account, both in the aeronautical and maritime sectors. The investigation of accidents and incidents consists of collecting and analyzing information, and then, based on this, preparing and disseminating a final report, from which safety recommendations will be extracted.

It is the responsibility of IPIAAM to draw up proposals for safety recommendations resulting from the investigation of an accident and/or incident in the aeronautical or maritime sector, thus contributing to the increase of operational safety in air and maritime transport in Cabo Verde.

It is noteworthy that the procedures for the prevention of accidents must be periodically updated, for a continuous improvement in the referenced sectors, being the awareness and training of the entities the best way to prevent.

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