Bird Safe program in the field with survey of poultry and livestock farmers 2022-07-29

The Institute for the Prevention and Investigation of Aeronautical and Maritime Accidents (IPIAAM), together with the partner institutions, members of the Bird Safe program, started on July 26, the action of inquiry to poultry and livestock farmers, with the aim of better solve the problem of the presence of animal life near airports, due to the danger it represents for air operations (collisions with aircraft - bird strike) and which puts human life at risk.

This action, which covers several areas surrounding the Praia International Airport - Nelson Mandela (AIDPNM), aims to survey livestock and bird breeders and identify existing and predominant species, as well as to know the conditions under which these activities are practiced, to jointly understand the possible solutions to be adopted and their willingness to collaborate with the institutions.

The Bird Safe action plan, outlined by the interinstitutional working group created for this purpose, plan the development and implementation of a series of activities for a period of 1 (one) year, to raise the awareness of the population and institutions, regarding the prevention of incidents, promote behavior change and, therefore, enable the consolidation of operational safety.

IPIAAM, through this joint initiative, aims to achieve more effective and far-reaching results, in mitigating the risk that the frequent presence of animal life in the airport environment represents for operational safety and in favor of a safety culture in the civil aviation sector.

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