Safety investigation report of the accident with the fishing vessels “LIAN RUN 35” and “RUITAIFENG 903” 2020-08-27

Following the accident with Chinese fishing vessels, properties and structure of the DALIANRUN CO Ltd Company, headquartered in Shenzen, China, called “LIAN RUN 35” and “RUITAIFENG 903”, which occurred on July 23 of the year 2019, the Institute for the Prevention and Investigation of Aeronautical and Maritime Accidents (IPIAAM) determined, within the scope of its statutory attributions, to investigate the circumstances and causes in which the accidents occurred, draw conclusions and make recommendations to the different stakeholders, namely, to operators, the Maritime Agent, the Shipping Company, the Maritime Authorities and Port Administration, CABNAVE and the Crew of the respective Ships, with emphasis on the main crew members, aiming to prevent and prevent accidents with the same causes from occurring in the future.

Thus, as a Member State of IMO, by Resolution N.º 05 CD-IPIAAM / 2019 of the Directing Council of IPIAAM, of July 24 an Ad Hoc investigation team was created, duly mandated by IPIAAM, with the necessary statutory competence to initiate investigation of occurrences.

This report was developed based on the premises embodied in the Accident Investigation Code, in accordance with Resolution MSC.255 (84) under the auspices of IMO, which is considered the biggest hat in the investigation of maritime accidents/incidents, a fundamental instrument adopted in the exercise of the referred investigation.

This report is of a technical nature, based on facts as a result of the contribution by those directly or indirectly involved in the accident.

The content of this report is in accordance with the documentary information collected, and must be known to all stakeholders in this process.


This report has been prepared for accident prevention purposes only. Its use for another purpose can lead to wrong conclusions.


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