Training for Journalists on Aviation and Maritime Accidents and Incidents 2024-05-15

The Institute for the Prevention and Investigation of Aeronautical and Maritime Accidents (IPIAAM) promotes a training session on “Aeronautical and Maritime Accidents and Incidents” aimed at Journalists, which will take place, in a hybrid format, on 13th and 14th of May, at the Headquarters of the Institute in Mindelo, and will be conducted by Mr. Mário Pedro Caetano from  Lusa - Portuguese News Agency.

As the national authority responsible for the prevention and investigation of aeronautical and maritime accidents, IPIAAM has among its assigned responsibilities the promotion of training, capacity building and awareness-raising activities in the aeronautical and maritime areas.

Prevention and investigation of accidents are sensitive issues  both in civil aviation and the maritime sector due to concerns about safety , technological complexity, strict regulations, legal liability, industry (aviation) and environmental (maritime) impact, among others. Both require careful attention, respecting best practices, transparency and cooperation between the parties involved.

Thus, the aforementioned training on Aeronautical and Maritime Accidents and Incidents includes a strong theoretical component regarding  Journalism in the context of accidents in the aviation and maritime sectors. It aims to provide participants with awareness and knowledge regarding the complexity of these events and serves as an important tool to ensure accurate, sensitive and informative coverage of them, which involve technical, regulatory, and safety issues.

Journalists from several islands of Cabo Verde and from different media  in the country participate in the training, including RTC – Cape Verdean Radio Television, Inforpress – Cabo Verde News Agency,  and Rádio Comercial – Cabo Verde.


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